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Created Sep 18, 2017
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echo "First, make sure your system's up-to-date and you have xcode installed."
echo "Let's get this out of the way."
sudo xcodebuild -license
echo "Getting the Pivotal workstation setup scripts."
curl | unzip
mv workstation-setup workspace
rmdir workspace/pivotal_ide_prefs
echo "Starting Pivotal workstation setup."
pushd ~/workspace
echo "Let's generate a key."
cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy
read -p "The key is on your clipboard. Add it to bitbucket and then hit ENTER."
echo "Installing things from CP's script at"
brew cask uninstall intellij-idea
brew cask install atom emacs soapui intellij-idea-ce
brew cleanup

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@adamh adamh commented Sep 18, 2017

curl | unzip didn't work as expected.

I had to do:

curl -L -O
mv workstation-setup-master workspace
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