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Last active January 29, 2023 21:02
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Online hard example mining PyTorch
import torch as th
class NLL_OHEM(th.nn.NLLLoss):
""" Online hard example mining.
Needs input from nn.LogSotmax() """
def __init__(self, ratio):
super(NLL_OHEM, self).__init__(None, True)
self.ratio = ratio
def forward(self, x, y, ratio=None):
if ratio is not None:
self.ratio = ratio
num_inst = x.size(0)
num_hns = int(self.ratio * num_inst)
x_ = x.clone()
inst_losses = th.autograd.Variable(th.zeros(num_inst)).cuda()
for idx, label in enumerate(
inst_losses[idx] =[idx, label]
#loss_incs = -x_.sum(1)
_, idxs = inst_losses.topk(num_hns)
x_hn = x.index_select(0, idxs)
y_hn = y.index_select(0, idxs)
return th.nn.functional.nll_loss(x_hn, y_hn)
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