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Last active Apr 27, 2020
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Python script to read fan, temperature, voltage and current from Thermaltake DPS PSUs via USB. (pip install pyusb first)
import usb.core
import usb.util
'AC_IN': (0x31, 0x33),
'V_12V': (0x31, 0x34),
'V_5V': (0x31, 0x35),
'V_3V3': (0x31, 0x36),
'I_12V': (0x31, 0x37),
'I_5V': (0x31, 0x38),
'I_3V3': (0x31, 0x39),
'TEMP': (0x31, 0x3A),
'RPM': (0x31, 0x3B),
def usb_init():
dev = usb.core.find(idVendor=0x264A, idProduct=0x2329)
if dev is None:
raise ValueError('Device not found')
for config in dev:
for i in range(config.bNumInterfaces):
if dev.is_kernel_driver_active(i):
cfg = dev.get_active_configuration()
intf = cfg[(0, 0)]
epo = usb.util.find_descriptor(
intf, custom_match=lambda e: usb.util.endpoint_direction(e.bEndpointAddress) == usb.util.ENDPOINT_OUT,
epi = usb.util.find_descriptor(
intf, custom_match=lambda e: usb.util.endpoint_direction(e.bEndpointAddress) == usb.util.ENDPOINT_IN,
assert epo is not None
assert epi is not None
return epo, epi
def _pad(data, length=64):
return list(data) + [0] * (length - len(data))
def usb_write(epo, data, length=64):
epo.write(_pad(data, length))
except OverflowError:
def usb_read(epi, length=64):
data =
return data
def controller_init():
epo, epi = usb_init()
usb_write(epo, [0xFE, 0x31])
res = usb_read(epi)
assert res[0] == 0xFE
res = ''.join(map(chr, filter(lambda x: x, res[1:])))
print('Initialized device: {:s}'.format(res))
return epo, epi
except usb.core.USBError as e:
def convert_result(low, high):
result = high << 8 | low
exponent = (result & 0x7800) >> 11
sign = (result & 0x8000) >> 15
fraction = result & 0x7FF
if sign == 1:
exponent -= 16
return (2 ** exponent) * fraction
def read_value(epo, epi, value):
usb_write(epo, PSU_VALUES_DICT[value])
res = usb_read(epi)
assert tuple(res[:2]) == PSU_VALUES_DICT[value]
return convert_result(*res[2:4])
def main():
epo, epi = controller_init()
cur_values = {}
for value in PSU_VALUES_DICT:
cur_values[value] = read_value(epo, epi, value)
total_pwr = sum(cur_values['V_' + line] * cur_values['I_' + line] for line in ('12V', '5V', '3V3'))
print('\nAC Input: {:.1f} V - {:.1f} W'.format(cur_values['AC_IN'], total_pwr))
print('\n12V line: {:.2f} V - {:.2f} A'.format(cur_values['V_12V'], cur_values['I_12V']))
print('5V line: {:.2f} V - {:.2f} A'.format(cur_values['V_5V'], cur_values['I_5V']))
print('3.3V line: {:.2f} V - {:.2f} A'.format(cur_values['V_3V3'], cur_values['I_3V3']))
print('\nTemp: {:.1f} C - Fan: {:.0f} RPM'.format(cur_values['TEMP'], cur_values['RPM']))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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