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Created November 18, 2023 13:13
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Streamline UIx Development with a Hiccup-Style Components
(ns app.core
[cljs.spec.alpha :as s]
[clojure.edn :as edn]
[uix.core :as uix :refer [defui $]]
[app.macros :as m]))
(m/defui header []
[:. :img {:src ""
:width 32}]])
(m/defui footer []
[:. :small "made with "
[:. :a {:href ""}
(m/defui text-field [{:keys [on-add-todo]}]
(let [[value set-value!] (uix/use-state "")]
[:. :input.text-input
{:value value
:placeholder "Add a new todo and hit Enter to save"
:on-change (fn [^js e]
(set-value! (.. e -target -value)))
:on-key-down (fn [^js e]
(when (= "Enter" (.-key e))
(set-value! "")
(on-add-todo #(assoc % (js/ {:text value
:status :unresolved}))))}]))
(m/defui editable-text [{:keys [text text-style on-done-editing]}]
(let [[editing? set-editing!] (uix/use-state false)
[editing-value set-editing-value!] (uix/use-state "")]
(if editing?
[:. :input.todo-item-text-field
{:value editing-value
:auto-focus true
:on-change (fn [^js e]
(set-editing-value! (.. e -target -value)))
:on-key-down (fn [^js e]
(when (= "Enter" (.-key e))
(set-editing-value! "")
(set-editing! false)
(on-done-editing editing-value)))}]
[:. :span.todo-item-text
{:style text-style
:on-click (fn [_]
(set-editing! true)
(set-editing-value! text))}
(s/def :todo/text string?)
(s/def :todo/status #{:unresolved :resolved})
(s/def :todo/item
(s/keys :req-un [:todo/text :todo/status]))
(m/defui todo-item [{:keys [created-at text status on-update-todos] :as props}]
{:pre [(s/valid? :todo/item props)]}
[:. :.todo-item
{:key created-at}
[:. :input.todo-item-control
{:type :checkbox
:checked (= status :resolved)
:on-change (fn [_]
(on-update-todos #(update-in % [created-at :status] {:unresolved :resolved
:resolved :unresolved})))}]
[:. editable-text
{:text text
:text-style {:text-decoration (when (= :resolved status) :line-through)}
:on-done-editing (fn [value]
(on-update-todos #(assoc-in % [created-at :text] value)))}]
[:. :button.todo-item-delete-button
{:on-click (fn [_]
(on-update-todos #(dissoc % created-at)))}
(defn use-persistent-state
"Loads initial state from local storage and persists every updated state value
Returns a tuple of the current state value and an updater function"
[store-key initial-value]
(let [[value set-value!] (uix/use-state initial-value)]
(fn []
(let [value (edn/read-string (js/localStorage.getItem store-key))]
(set-value! #(into % value))))
(fn []
(js/localStorage.setItem store-key (str value)))
[value store-key])
[value set-value!]))
(m/defui app []
(let [[todos set-todos!] (use-persistent-state "uix-starter/todos" (sorted-map-by >))]
[:. header]
[:. text-field {:on-add-todo set-todos!}]
(for [[created-at todo] todos]
[:. todo-item
(assoc todo :created-at created-at
:key created-at
:on-update-todos set-todos!)])
[:. footer]]))
(defonce root
(uix.dom/create-root (js/document.getElementById "root")))
(defn render []
(uix.dom/render-root ($ app) root))
(defn ^:export init []
(ns app.macros
(:require [clojure.walk :as walk]
[uix.core :as uix]))
^{:arglists '([name doc-string? attr-map? [params*] prepost-map? body]
[name doc-string? attr-map? ([params*] prepost-map? body) + attr-map?])}
"Creates UIx component. Similar to defn, but doesn't support multi arity.
A component should have a single argument of props."
[fname args & body]
(let [body (walk/postwalk
(fn [form]
(if (and (vector? form) (keyword? (first form)))
(let [first-form (first form)
second-form (second form)]
(if (and (= :. first-form)
(or (symbol? second-form)
(keyword? second-form)))
(cons '$ (cons second-form (drop 2 form)))
`(uix/defui ~fname ~args ~@body)))
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