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Emanuele Ruffaldi eruffaldi

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eruffaldi / build.cmd
Created Jun 20, 2021
Compile NVIDIA Windows
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% based on combination of online info
git clone -b "4.5.2" --depth 1
git clone -b "4.5.2" --depth 1
set "opencvSource=opencv-4.5.2"
set "opencvExtraModules=opencv_contrib-4.5.2/modules"
set "opencvBuild=%opencvSource%\build"
set "compiler=Visual Studio 16 2019"
set "buildType=Release"
set python3_executable
eruffaldi / main.cpp
Created Oct 12, 2020
Named Operators in C++ and Unicode
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// Testedt with GCC and CLang
// Not working with ICC due to the UTF-8
// MSVC requires /utf-8 option
#include <iostream>
// from
// modified to use < > instead of *
// modified for adding unary version
namespace named_operator {
template<class D>struct make_operator{constexpr make_operator(){}};
from mido import MidiFile
import mido
import sys
def ntof(n):
return 440*(2**((n-69)/12))
def main():
mid = MidiFile(sys.argv[1])
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// cppPosit 7b7b5ecde436a65923d679d91ddb1b29b711af27
* Emanuele Ruffaldi (C) 2017-2018
* My personal bit hip pop using BMI extensions and a bit of constexpr!
#if defined(__SDSVHLS__) && !defined(FPGAHLS)
#define FPGAHLS
eruffaldi / cf32.jl
Last active Dec 30, 2018
Julia cf32
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function s64toc64(a::Int64)::Int64
return a < 0 ? -(a & 9223372036854775807) : a;
function c64tos64(a::Int64)::Int64
return a < 0 ? ((-a) | -9223372036854775808) : a;
eruffaldi /
Created Sep 25, 2018
Google OAuth 2.0 full example bash script.
#1) on register project and associate API from library
# OUTPUT: client_id,client_secret
#2) get authorization code at the following link using web browser
# OUTPUT: code
import os,sys
people = [x.split(" ") for x in """1 10 name""".split("\n")]
print (people)
for f,n,name in people:
f = int(f)
n = int(n)
print (f,f+n-1,name)
os.system("gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dSAFER -dFirstPage=%d -dLastPage=%d -sOutputFile=%s.pdf \"%s\"" % (f,f+n-1,name,sys.argv[1]))
eruffaldi /
Created Jul 13, 2018
Google Timeline KML to working enter-exit
# parses KML from Google Timeline to obtain places
# Emanuele Ruffaldi 2018
import os,sys
import csv
import datetime
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from collections import defaultdict
import time
from dateutil import tz
from_zone = tz.tzutc()
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find / -mtime -1 -not \( -path "/proc/*" -o -path "/sys/*" -o -path "/dev/*" \) -print
eruffaldi / word_comments_to_json.vbs
Created May 28, 2018
Microsoft Word VBA code for Comment to JSON
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Sub ListComments()
Dim x As Document
Set doc = Word.ActiveDocument
For k = 1 To doc.Comments.Count
Dim co As Comment
Set co = doc.Comments(k)
t = Selection.Text