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Created January 7, 2018 01:51
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Get UK property data from Zoopla
# install the package
# load it
# set up the keys
zoopla_key <- "YOUR_KEY_GOES_HERE"
zoopla_key <- Sys.getenv("zoopla_key")
# average property prices
average_area_sold_price("EH1 2NG", "outcode", zoopla_key)
average_sold_prices("EH1 2NG", "outcode", "streets", zoopla_key)
# zoopla indices
zed_index("E151AZ", "town", zoopla_key)
area_zed_indices("sw185rw", "postcodes", "outcode", 1, 10, zoopla_key, "descending")
# property listings
property_listings(postcode = "E15 4QS", API_key = zoopla_key)
# create charts
area_value_graphs("W12", zoopla_key)
local_info_graphs("W12", zoopla_key)
# autocorrect misspelt locations
geo_autocomplete("ruisli", "listings", zoopla_key)
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