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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Annotates and splits a continuous wav file using Speech Filing System
REM define the working directory
set location=%cd%
REM define the participant
set participant=NAME
REM define the trial
set trial=01
REM define the condition
set condition=FAF-Up
REM define the file name, e.g. 01-NAME-FAF-Up.wav
set filename=%trial%-%participant%-%condition%
REM transform wav files into sfs
cnv2sfs -i 1 %filename%.wav %filename%.sfs
REM define the number of annotations
set number_annotations=65
REM label the stem for annotations
set stem=aaa
REM create annotations
npoint -n %number_annotations% -l %stem%-%participant%-%trial%-%condition% %filename%.sfs
REM export annotations to a csv file
anlist %filename%.sfs -C > %filename%.csv
REM split the continuous wav file into short wav files based on the delimiters created by npoint
wordchop -d %location%\%trial%\ %filename%.sfs
REM transform all split sfs files in the specified folder into wav files and delete sfs files
FOR /R %location%\%trial%\ %%A IN (*.sfs) DO (
sfs2wav "%%A"
del "%%A")
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