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Created February 8, 2022 17:33
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Val's Numba Vision -- Anarcho Utilitarianism
Numba Vision (Anarcho Utilitarianism)
* A kick-ass Python compiler. (Money, Fame, ...)
* A tiny Numba core, barebones library, with useful
abstractions/contracts/interfaces (Essentialism)
* A compiler library to build other compilers on top of. (Framework/Structure)
* A platform for compiler profiling and debugging research. (Creativity)
* A platform for exploring novel scientific algorithms. (Innovation)
* An ecosystem of Numba open extensions/add-ons/utilities/libraries for
specific use-cases under a common umbrella organization but each with their
own specifics (branching structure, code guidelines, documentation etc..)
* Significant and healthy (maintained) automation that allows continued
development of the project even with a rotating skeleton crew. (Resilience)
* A maximally automated and documented testing and release process using only
publically available infrstructure. (Portability/Exit-Strategy)
* A main branch so stable a release could be cut anytime. (Correctness Stability)
* A Functioning, sane and maintained performance monitoring / integration
service. (Performance Stability)
* A health and productive integration into and collaboration with the greater
Python/HPC/Science/Finance/Database ecosystem. (Bonding, Networking)
* A community owned and governed structure with a clear and enforced manifesto.
* A well defined development process with clear roles and a pre-defined,
unambiguous process for being assigned or assuming such a role. (structure)
* A minimal but distributed set of people with commit access to limit the blast radius
(defensiveness to human error)
* Clear and transparent communication of current development activities and
their impact via a public roadmap (accountability)
* A clear definition of a "bad actor" and a small crew of indviduals to take
proactive steps to protect the community from such bad actors (assertiveness)
* A project that places the needs and wants of its users and stakeholders (in
that order) at the center of the roadmap (maximise utility)
* An endorsed free marketplace for people who can provide Numba experitise and
people who seek Numba expertise can connect, meet and discuss and then decide
if they want/need/can collaborate, each on their own terms. (Anarchy)
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