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Arthur Eschenlauer eschen42

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eschen42 /
Last active Sep 11, 2019
usernetes activation script (save as usernetes/bin/activate and usernetes/.bash_env)
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
echo "usage: $0 path/to/decompressed/usernetes/release/"
exit 1
if [ ! -d "$1" ]; then
echo "usage: $0 path/to/decompressed/usernetes/release/"
echo "path '$1' does not exist"
exit 1
eschen42 /
Last active Mar 5, 2019
Local installation of bibbox without using Vagrant

Installing bibbox locally - notes to self

Ensure locale is en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8

If the output of the locale command does not include the line


then you may need to do the following:

eschen42 /
Created Mar 5, 2019
Public key SSH with eCryptFS home directory

Public key SSH with eCryptFS home directory

The goal

I want to SSH into an Ubuntu box with an encrypted home directory, and I prefer using publickey authentication.

The problem posed by an encrypted home

Ubuntu allows you to encrypt your own home directory. If you insist, as I do, that you use publickey authentication for your SSH authentication (which is nearly two-factor authentication as long as you protect your private ID key with a passphrase), this presents a problem: to authenticate, you need your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file accessible, but when you are not logged in, it is inaccessible.

eschen42 / center_colmeans.R
Created Nov 30, 2018
R - Center a matrix on its column means
View center_colmeans.R
# center with 'colMeans()' - ref:
center_colmeans <- function(x) {
xcenter <- colMeans(x)
x - rep(xcenter,, ncol(x)))
eschen42 /
Created Oct 25, 2018
get tty columns on Debian
#!/usr/bin/env bash
export ROWCOL="$(stty -a | head -n 1 | grep columns | sed -n -e 's/speed [0-9]* baud; rows \([0-9]*\); columns \([0-9]*\);.*/export LINES=\1; export COLUMNS=\2 /; s/.*speed//; p')"
eschen42 / ApplyReduceMovingAverage.icn
Created Oct 13, 2018
Icon code for Apply, Reduce, and MovingAverage
View ApplyReduceMovingAverage.icn
procedure Apply(f, L)
local result, x
result := []
every x := !L do put(result, f(x)) | fail
return result
procedure Reduce(f, L)
if *L > 1
then return f( L[1], Reduce( f, L[2:0] ) )
eschen42 / bistable.icn
Last active Oct 13, 2018
Icon code for positive-edge triggered bistable multivibrator
View bistable.icn
procedure co_bistable(off_state, on_state)
local button, bistable_button, bistable_state
/off_state := "off"
/on_state := "on"
bistable_button := bistable_state := button := off_state
return create while button := (
if button ~== bistable_button
then if (bistable_button := button) == on_state
then bistable_state := if bistable_state == off_state
then on_state
eschen42 / which.cmd
Created Sep 26, 2018
which for Windows
View which.cmd
@echo off
:: make sure that there are no occurrences of ;; in target
set target=%PATH:;;=;%_END
:: make sure that target does not end with a semicolon
set target=%target:;_END=_END%
set target=%target:_END=%
:: prepend current directory and substitute dquote-space-dquote for ;
set target="." "%target:;=" "%"
for %%h in ( %target% ) do (
eschen42 / _vimrc_win
Last active Sep 26, 2018
windows-oriented .vimrc
View _vimrc_win
set nocompatible
" source $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim
source $VIMRUNTIME/gvimrc_example.vim
" uncomment the next line to make ^C ^X ^V exchange data with the clipboard
"source $VIMRUNTIME/mswin.vim
" behave xterm
set selectmode=mouse
set guifont=Courier:h9
" Cursor is Magenta
highlight Cursor guibg=Magenta guifg=NONE
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