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#|-*- mode:lisp -*-|#
exec ros -Q -- $0 "$@"
(eval-when (:execute :load-toplevel :compile-toplevel)
(ql:quickload :cl-lazy)
(ql:quickload :cl-prime-number)
(ql:quickload :anaphora))
(defpackage :ros.script.improved-prime-seive.ros.3661078750
(:use :cl
(in-package :ros.script.improved-prime-seive.ros.3661078750)
(let ((next-prime nil)
(prime-series (llist 3)))
(defparameter *sieve* #<a[n] =
#<b[k] = (1+ (* (+ k 2) 2))>,
(setf next-prime (lcar prime-series))
(setf prime-series (lcdr prime-series))
(let ((head-prime next-prime))
(multiple-value-bind (prime rest)
(lspan (lambda (x) (< x (expt head-prime 2)))
(setf prime-series (lappend prime-series prime))
(filter-series (lambda (x) (< 0 (mod x head-prime))) rest))))>))
(labels ((get-next (&optional (extracted-prime nil) (sieve *sieve*) (head-primes (llist 3)))
(aif (lcar extracted-prime)
(lcons it (get-next (lcdr extracted-prime) sieve head-primes))
(let* ((expt-prime (expt (lcar head-primes) 2))
(new-extracted (lspan (lambda (x)
(< x expt-prime))
(lcar sieve))))
(get-next new-extracted
(lcdr sieve)
(lcdr (lappend head-primes new-extracted)))))))
(defparameter *prime-series* (lappend (llist 2 3) (get-next))))
(labels ((get-next (&optional (extracted-prime nil)
(for-sieve (make-simple-series nil (lambda (n) (+ (* (+ n 2) 2) 1))))
(head-primes (llist 3)))
(aif (lcar extracted-prime)
(lcons it (get-next (lcdr extracted-prime) for-sieve head-primes))
(let* ((prime (lcar head-primes))
(expt-prime (expt prime 2)))
(multiple-value-bind (new-extracted for-sieve-next)
(lspan (lambda (x) (< x expt-prime))
(get-next new-extracted
(filter-series (lambda (x) (< 0 (mod x prime))) for-sieve-next)
(lcdr (lappend head-primes new-extracted))))))))
(defparameter *prime-series%* (lappend (llist 2 3) (get-next))))
(defparameter *sieve2* #<a[n] =
#<b[k] = 2, (1+ (* k 2))>, (let ((factor a[n-1][0]))
#'(lambda (val)
(< 0 (mod val factor)))
(defun main (&rest argv)
(declare (ignorable argv))
(time (print (lnth 10000 *prime-series*)))
(time (print (lnth 10000 *prime-series%*)))
(time (print (lnth 10000 cl-prime-number:*prime-series*)))
(time (print #{*sieve2*[281][0]}))
(dotimes (i 11)
(format t "[~4D]" (lnth i *prime-series*))
(do-series (var (lnth i *sieve*) to 10)
(format t "~5D" var))
(format t "~%"))
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