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Last active Jul 28, 2020
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Anki 2.0 addon. Prevents learning (and re-learning) cards from being removed from a filtered deck. This allows you to rebuild the deck while keeping the learning cards inside of it; bypassing the problems with Anki decks where learning cards are set back to 'new' or 'review' when they exit a filtered deck.
# Filter Safety
# Anki 2.0 addon
# Author EJS
# Prevents cards in learning state from being moved out of a filtered deck
# when you rebuild it.
from anki.sched import Scheduler
#from aqt.utils import showInfo
def safeEmptyDyn(self, did, lim=None):
if not lim:
lim = "did = %s and type != 1 and queue != 1" % did
lim = "%s and type != 1 and queue != 1" % lim
ret = origEmptyDyn(self, did, lim)
return ret
origEmptyDyn = Scheduler.emptyDyn
Scheduler.emptyDyn = safeEmptyDyn
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eshapard commented Aug 16, 2017

This has not been extensively tested, but I think it works. Back up your collection first as a precaution.

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gajewsk2 commented Aug 18, 2017

Wow, this is timely. I was just whining about this issue the other day but hadn't had time to do something similar.

My decks relies on hierarchy, so eventually I need to figure out a way to get root decks to ignore the alphabetical order of subdecks and treat all the cards in the subdeck as a single deck, (to give me ascending ivl for all subdecks regardless of deck hierarchy). This might be a nice stop-gap until I figure that out and stop using filtered decks for anything besides cramming.

Thanks for making it public.

UPDATE: been using since i commented. Has been great.

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EliCodesForFun commented Oct 24, 2018

Godlike. I've been using filtered decks for years, but I just used the workaround by including a "is:due -is:learn" but it's not a perfect solution for cards that are in the re-learning queue in the filtered deck, which can get lost if you have to rebuild. Awesome fix!

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ArtappsLaurens commented Dec 4, 2019

Do you have any plans of porting this add on to 2.1? Would love that. Keep up the good work

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Geniusssmit commented Dec 4, 2019

Still waiting for 2.1 :)

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thiswillbeyourgithub commented Dec 24, 2019

Waiting for 2.1 port too :)

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eshapard commented Feb 24, 2020

Sorry, I don't use Anki anymore, so I'll probably never get around to porting it to 2.1.

If anyone wants to take a crack at it, it might work if you rename it to and drop it in a subdirectory under the 2.1 addons directory.


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albo2albo commented Jul 26, 2020

I've just tried this under 2.1 and it appears to work, by more or less following eshapard's comment above on 24th Feb. Here's what I did:

  1. create a folder called filterSafety in the addons folder ie AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\filterSafety
  2. in this folder create a file called which contains lines 1 - 20 from above.
  3. restart Anki

You should note that there are two underscores before and after 'init', as seen in point 2 above.

Hope this helps someone else.


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thiswillbeyourgithub commented Jul 28, 2020

Am trying this too. Thanks for the quick tutorial @albo2albo !

If I don't come back here to complain then it probably works OR seems to work OR didn't cause major harm.

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