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Simple test helper for testing recompose HOCs
import React from 'react'
import { mount } from 'enzyme'
const render = ({ hoc, data, context }) => {
const Component = () => <div />
const WrappedComponent = hoc(Component)
return mount(<WrappedComponent {} />, { context })
// By default, return the 'inner', wrapped component.
export default (hoc, data, context) =>
render({ hoc, data, context }).find('Component')
// to test state updates we need to return the component and the update method
export const renderHOCWithStateUpdate = (hoc, data, context) => {
const component = render({ hoc, data, context })
const update = () => {
return component.find('Component')
return {
component: component.find('Component'),
root: component,
// Usage
import renderHOC, {renderHOCWithStateUpdate} from './utils/renderHOC'
// simple case without setState
const component = renderHOC({hoc: someHOC, data:{some:'data'}})
// case without setState
const wrapper = renderHOCWithStateUpdate({hoc: someHOC, data:{some:'data'}})
let component = wrapper.component
let update = wrapper.update
component = update()

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@eskimoblood eskimoblood commented Jan 11, 2019

The main idea is to render HOCs independently from real views, by using just a simple dummy component and only test that the props passed to the dummy are correct.

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