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espritm/MainActivity.cs Secret

Created Apr 6, 2017
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public class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity, IOnMapReadyCallback, ClusterManager.IOnClusterItemInfoWindowClickListener
private ClusterRenderer m_ClusterRenderer;
public void OnMapReady(GoogleMap map)
m_map = map;
//Initialize cluster manager. Setting the CameraIdleListener is mandatory
m_ClusterManager = new ClusterManager(this, m_map);
//Initialize cluster renderer, and keep a reference that will be usefull for the info window's click event
m_ClusterRenderer = new ClusterRenderer(this, m_map, m_ClusterManager);
m_ClusterManager.Renderer = m_ClusterRenderer;
//Custom info window : single markers only (a click on a cluster marker should not show info window)
m_ClusterManager.MarkerCollection.SetOnInfoWindowAdapter(new CustomGoogleMapInfoWindow(this));
//Handle Info Window's click event
public void OnClusterItemInfoWindowClick(Java.Lang.Object p0)
//You can retrieve the ClusterItem clicked with a cast
ClusterItem itemClicked = (ClusterItem)p0;
Toast.MakeText(this, "Info Window clicked !", ToastLength.Short).Show();
//Dismiss the info window clicked
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