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Created April 5, 2017 13:39
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public class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity, IOnMapReadyCallback
private ClusterManager m_ClusterManager;
public void OnMapReady(GoogleMap map)
m_map = map;
//Initialise cluster manager. Setting the CameraIdleListener is mandatory
m_ClusterManager = new ClusterManager(this, m_map);
private void SetupMap()
//Show Grenoble on the map
LatLng LatLonGrenoble = new LatLng(45.188529, 5.724523);
m_map.MoveCamera(CameraUpdateFactory.NewLatLngZoom(LatLonGrenoble, Resources.GetInteger(Resource.Integer.default_zoom_level_googlemaps)));
List<ClusterItem> lsMarkers = new List<ClusterItem>();
//Add 50 markers using a spiral algorithm (cheers SushiHangover)
for (int i = 0; i < 50; ++i)
double theta = i * Math.PI * 0.33f;
double radius = 0.005 * Math.Exp(0.1 * theta);
double x = radius * Math.Cos(theta);
double y = radius * Math.Sin(theta);
ClusterItem newMarker = new ClusterItem(LatLonGrenoble.Latitude + x, LatLonGrenoble.Longitude + y);
//Add markers to the map through the cluster manager
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