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Useful Things
List of things worth to share about many things.
Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams - - One of the best video on youtube
Randy Pausch Time Managment -
CtizenFour: kind of mind blowing. It's the story of "ed"
I'm not freking out with privacy and security, I don't own a Linux with a VPN paid in bitcoin. I just take some precautions about the privacy.
It's basically what is popping into my mind right now, so feel free to update it. It's for PC/Desktops, mobile in the future.
- use PGP, at least for work emails
- Avoid US based services for email, such as GMail (my first email is on gmail, it's hard to move, but at least know what you can do). One good email for privacy is (as sep/15)
- enable two factor auth when possibile
- Install these extensions:
- Zen Mate :
- Ghostery :
- disconnect:
- uBlock (original) :
- noscript (for firefox)
- (bonus) end-to-end: (still in beta, only for chrome)
- Delete coockies at logout (you may keep the two-factor code cookie stored on your pc, more handy than writing it everytime. It will still require your password)
- Use a password manager (be careful, no one really knows if they are safe to use). I liked, avoid the sync with server for more safety. If you want to backup locally, protect with pgp to yourself the archvie. just in case.
- Use duck duck go as search engine:
- Use spider oak over dropbox & co for sensitive data about yourself.
- Put password before login of the pc, not an easy one pls. This may be a good trick to remember complex passwords
- Avoid login with FB and google on the website.
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