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Esteban Torres esttorhe

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
<string>Source Code</string>
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View ViewControllersProtocol.swift
protocol MyProtocol {
func setup()
extension MyProtocol where Self: UIViewController {
func setup() {
// Do something here
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INSERT INTO 'snippets' ('title', 'body') VALUES
(':+1:', '👍'),
(':-1:', '👎'),
(':100:', '💯'),
(':1234:', '🔢'),
(':8ball:', '🎱'),
(':a:', '🅰'),
(':ab:', '🆎'),
(':abc:', '🔤'),
(':abcd:', '🔡'),
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// Warnings.xcconfig
// The list of warnings we (don’t) use, and the reasons why.
// :MARK: Warnings in use:
// :MARK: -everything
// We want the best possible diagnostics, so we simply enable everything that exists, and then opt–out of what doesn’t make sense for us.
// :MARK: - Warnings not to be promoted:
View rec.swift
private func processResponse(response: NSURLResponse!, connection: NSURLConnection, data: NSData!, error: NSError!) {
let result =
// Check if there was an error reported back
testError(error, forRequest: connection.originalRequest) >>- { _ in
Result(connection.currentRequest.URL, failWith: NSError(domain: RecordingProtocol.errorDomain, code: -670,
userInfo: [NSLocalizedDescriptionKey: "Unable to extract the request's last path component for file name generation."]))
.analysis(ifSuccess: { url -> Result<NSURL, NSError> in // Extract the request's url
let docsResult = try { // Get the `Documents` folder path
return NSFileManager.defaultManager().URLForDirectory(.DocumentDirectory, inDomain: .UserDomainMask, appropriateForURL: nil, create: false, error: $0)

Oops! I accidentally deleted a local git branch, and I haven't pushed it to a remote server yet. The branch has several important commits, and it hasn't been merged with any other branches yet. How do I find the missing branch?

1. Create a list of all dangling or unreachable commits.

$ git fsck --full --no-reflogs --unreachable --lost-found <-- this doesn't create the lost-found folder

$ git fsck --lost-found
unreachable tree 4a407b1b09e0d8a16be70aa1547332432a698e18
unreachable tree 5040d8cf08c78119e66b9a3f8c4b61a240229259
unreachable tree 60c0ce61b040f5e604850f747f525e88043dae12
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set -o pipefail && xcodebuild -workspace 'Kiosk.xcworkspace' -scheme 'Kiosk' -configuration Debug test -sdk iphonesimulator -destination 'name=iPad Air,OS=8.1' | xcpretty -c --test
esttorhe / where.hs
Created Dec 30, 2014
`where` expressions in `Haskell` fails if 2nd one has more than one `tab`
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-- This compiles
bmiTell :: Double -> Double -> String
bmiTell weight height
| bmi <= skinny = "You are underweight. Eat more! "
| bmi <= normal = "Looking good!! "
| bmi <= fat = "You are a little fat. Start eating better."
| otherwise = "You are obese. Go see a doctor!."
where bmi = weight / height ^ 2
skinny = 18.5
normal = 25.0

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