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Created Feb 18, 2014
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# Step 1: Download this zip:
# (mac/nix hint: curl, wget)
# (windows hint: net.webclient)
if [ -f "$file" ]
echo "Already set up!"
cd site
osascript -e 'set volume 7'
say -v 'Agnes' -r 50 'Already installed. Starting server!'
echo "Looks like you haven't set up yet. Let's do that."
curl -L -o
# Step 2: Extract the zip
# (hint: tar)
# (hint: 7zip)
tar -xvf
# Step 3: Organize the flat html app
# (hint: mkdir, ls, mv)
cd site
mkdir css js img fonts
mv *.js js
mv *.css css
mv *.png *.jpg img
mv *.woff fonts
echo "all done" > status.log
osascript -e 'set volume 7'
say -v 'Agnes' -r 50 'Done installing. Start your engines!'
# Step 4: Host this site folder using a command line webserver
# (mac/nix hint: python SimpleHTTPServer)
# (windows hint: IISExpress
python -m SimpleHTTPServer
# Extra: Make the script only run Step 4: Host when run subsequent times
# Extra: Convert Step 4 to putting a start script in the site folder
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