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ethanrublee/standalone.rst Secret

Created Sep 21, 2011
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standalone ros stuff.

Standalone library pipeline

Some description of the standalone library...


- name: rosdep2
  job-profile: python-nose
    local-name : ...
    uri : ...

- name: image_pipeline
  job-profile: cmake-simple
    pip: [...]
    apt: [...]
    profile: make-installable #could be git-buildpackage, svn-buildpackage, etc..

make-install profile would be debian package recipe that would basically just set the INSTALL_PREFIX to /opt/ros/DISTRO/ will export variable for an FHS that is at /opt/ros/DISTRO, e.g. PYTHONPATH, CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, etc...


  • Could we potentially just keep this yaml file in each standalone project?
  • post commit hook trigger build/test
  • post commit hook for triggering a debian
  • documentation needs to be built and pushed on each build
  • ROS packages that depend on standalone libraries must be rebuilt and tested

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@kwc kwc commented Sep 21, 2011

Experiment with doing rosdoc on just a single package:

Experiment with a generic template for Python standalone ROS packages, assumes test output in nosetests.xml:

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