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I work hard so my cat doesn't have to

Emanuele Tozzato etozzato

I work hard so my cat doesn't have to
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etozzato / dev_console.js
Last active May 12, 2023 04:58
how to delete all your Reddit comments
// Go to your comment listing
// Open the dev console and run this one-liner.
// Reload the page and run again as needed!
// Don't click on [next >] pagination button
document.querySelectorAll('form.toggle.del-button a:not(.no)').forEach(function(el,idx){setTimeout(function(){},idx*555)})
etozzato /
Created March 15, 2023 23:30
GPT and Rails development...

👨‍💻 show me how to use Redis in ruby to keep a count of active sessions that are triggered by a check-in event and expire in 3 minutes

🤖 Sure, here's an example of how you can use Redis in Ruby to keep track of active sessions and expire them after 3 minutes:

require 'redis'

redis =

# Define a method to handle check-in events
def handle_check_in_event(user_id)
etozzato / downloader.dart
Created January 11, 2022 23:41
Asset downloader for Flutter apps
import 'dart:io';
import 'dart:math';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:download_assets/download_assets.dart';
enum DownloaderOrientation { vertical, horizontal }
enum DownloaderStatus { ready, downloading, downloaded, error }
class Downloader extends StatefulWidget {
final DownloaderOrientation orientation;
etozzato / puma.rb
Last active January 28, 2024 20:12
A section of config/puma.rb that will automatically generate a self-signed X509 certificate and provide https in development
if Rails.env.development?
FileUtils.mkdir_p(Rails.root.join('config', 'certs'))
key_path = Rails.root.join('config', 'certs', 'development.key')
crt_path = Rails.root.join('config', 'certs', 'development.crt')
unless File.exist?(key_path) && File.exist?(crt_path)
def cert_domain
'localhost' # Setting[:cookie_domain] || 'localhost'
etozzato / sample.rb
Last active February 3, 2020 09:31
Implement this: WithFallbackConcern
# frozen_string_literal: true
FactoryBot.define do
factory :sample do
identifier { SecureRandom.uuid }
traceability_sample { 'AA123456789' }
traceability_batch { nil }
etozzato / rspec_model_testing_template.rb
Created January 29, 2020 12:31 — forked from SabretWoW/rspec_model_testing_template.rb
Rails Rspec model testing skeleton & cheat sheet using rspec-rails, shoulda-matchers, shoulda-callbacks, and factory_girl_rails. Pretty much a brain dump of examples of what you can (should?) test in a model. Pick & choose what you like, and please let me know if there are any errors or new/changed features out there. Reddit comment thread: http…
# This is a skeleton for testing models including examples of validations, callbacks,
# scopes, instance & class methods, associations, and more.
# Pick and choose what you want, as all models don't NEED to be tested at this depth.
# I'm always eager to hear new tips & suggestions as I'm still new to testing,
# so if you have any, please share!
# @kyletcarlson
# This skeleton also assumes you're using the following gems:
etozzato / licence_reader.rb
Created January 18, 2020 19:03
California BCC Bureau of Cannabis Control's License CSV Parser
require 'csv'
# This LicenseReader will receive a CSV file containing business license information. Different US states will implement completely different formats,
# the following example is for California. The LicenseReader, integrated into the LIMS will allow the laboratory to type a license `C11-0001123-LIC` and
# return attribute data businessuctures compatible with the creation of the Client and License model.The output must remain constant but the input must
# be parsed using several regular expressions depending on the data made available by the regulatory agency. The class must take into consideration
# fault tolerancy when data is incomplete. Particularly badly businessucture in the example is the column Business Contact Information!
# "License Number","License Type","Business Owner","Business Contact Information","Business businessucture","Premise Address","Status","Issue Date","Expiration Date","Activities","Adult-Use/Medicinal"
# "C11-0001129-LIC","Cannabis - Dibusinessibutor License","RICHARD
etozzato / att.txt
Last active August 2, 2016 14:38
PharmWare - Sample Test attributes
Basic Attributes:
tested_at (iso8601 date)
expires_at (iso8601 date)
List of Analites:
etozzato / ex.js
Last active June 23, 2016 14:11
simpy ex
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(pos) {
var coords = pos.coords;
var weatherUrl = '' +
'lat=' + coords.latitude + '&lon=' + coords.longitude + '&units=metric';
ajax({ url: weatherUrl, type: 'json' }, function(data) {
simply.text({ title:, subtitle: data.main.temp });
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