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eua1024 / gist:d3b714848d8140dc525a5a2385fb5f11
Last active July 6, 2024 00:38
Fix crashed ubuntu system after install "fuse"
Warning: While libfuse2 is OK, do not install the fuse package as of 22.04 or you may break your system
If the fuse package did break your system, you can recover as follows:
1. After starting Ubuntu, enter the console by pressing **Alt+Ctrl+F1**. Then log in with your user account.
2. Or boot into the Recovery Mode ( Then chose `network` and `root`.
3. Execute the command `sudo apt purge gdm3 && apt install gdm3 && reboot`
#petya #petrWrap
Ransomware attack.
Got new info? Email at
"it appeared to encrypt a selection of files (PDF and RTF) on two test machines prior to rebooting and encrypting parts of the MFT." - waiting for the details and PoC