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Created January 19, 2023 00:04
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Fixes tags that were converted to links during Obsidian import.
Specifically, it is the first 3 line and the line contains "tags:", convert all [[tag name]] to #tag-name
import os
import re
from pathlib import Path
DIR = '/Users/eugeneya/obsidian-vault/'
double_square = re.compile("\[\[(.*?)\]\]")
for file_i, path in enumerate(Path(DIR).glob('*.md')):
file_name = str(path).split("/")[-1]
file_handler = open(path)
for line_i, line in enumerate(file_handler):
if line_i < 2 and ('tags:' in line or 'tag:' in line):
tag_line = line
tags = double_square.findall(line)
if tags:
print(f'file {file_i}: {file_name}')
new_tag_line = '- tags:: '
for tag in tags:
new_tag_line += f'#{tag.replace(" ", "-")} '
new_tag_line += '\n'
# Save Markdown file with new local file link as a temp file
# If there is already a temp version of a file, open that.
temp_file_path = DIR + '/temp_' + file_name
if os.path.exists(temp_file_path):
full_read = open(temp_file_path, errors='ignore')
full_read = open(path, errors='ignore')
data =
data = data.replace(tag_line, new_tag_line)
with open(temp_file_path, 'wt') as temp_file:
if os.path.exists(temp_file_path):
os.replace(temp_file_path, path)
if line_i >= 2:
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