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output: {
// The build folder.
path: paths.appBuild,
// Generated JS file names (with nested folders).
// There will be one main bundle, and one file per asynchronous chunk.
// We don't currently advertise code splitting but Webpack supports it.
filename: 'static/js/[name].[chunkhash:8].js',
chunkFilename: 'static/js/[name].[chunkhash:8].chunk.js',
// We inferred the "public path" (such as / or /my-project) from homepage.
publicPath: publicPath,
// Point sourcemap entries to original disk location (format as URL on Windows)
devtoolModuleFilenameTemplate: info =>
.relative(paths.appSrc, info.absoluteResourcePath)
.replace(/\\/g, '/'),
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