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Testing the Service Layer - the Foo service unit test
public class FooServiceUnitTest{
FooService instance;
private HibernateTemplate hibernateTemplateMock;
public final void before(){
this.instance = new FooService();
this.instance.dao = new FooDAO();
this.hibernateTemplateMock = mock( HibernateTemplate.class );
this.instance.dao.setHibernateTemplate( this.hibernateTemplateMock );
public final void whenCreateIsTriggered_thenNoException(){
// When
this.instance.create( new Foo( "testName" ) );
@Test( expected = NullPointerException.class )
public final void whenCreateIsTriggeredForNullEntity_thenException(){
// When
this.instance.create( null );
public final void whenCreateIsTriggered_thenEntityIsCreated(){
// When
final Foo entity = new Foo( "testName" );
this.instance.create( entity );
// Then
final ArgumentCaptor< Foo > argument = ArgumentCaptor.forClass( Foo.class );
verify( this.hibernateTemplateMock ).save( argument.capture() );
assertThat( entity, is( argument.getValue() ) );

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eugenp commented Feb 14, 2012

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