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part 5 - the Security test utils
public String authenticateAsAdmin(){
return this.authenticate( "eparaschiv", "eparaschiv" );
public String authenticate( String username, String password ){
Response response = RestAssured.given().
.param( UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.SPRING_SECURITY_FORM_USERNAME_KEY, username )
.param( UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.SPRING_SECURITY_FORM_PASSWORD_KEY, password )
.post( this.examplePaths.getLoginURL() );
Preconditions.checkState( response.getStatusCode() == 302 );
return JSESSIONID + "=" + response.getCookie( JSESSIONID );
public RequestSpecification givenAuthenticated( String cookie ){
return RestAssured.given().header( COOKIE_HEADER, cookie );
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