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F# Async Timeout
let timeoutNone (timeoutMs:int) (a:Async<'a>) : Async<'a option> = async {
let! ct = Async.CancellationToken
let res = TaskCompletionSource<_>()
use cts = CancellationTokenSource.CreateLinkedTokenSource ct
res.Task.ContinueWith (fun _ -> cts.Cancel ()) |> ignore
use timer = new Timer((fun _ -> res.TrySetResult None |> ignore), null, timeoutMs, Timeout.Infinite)
Async.StartThreadPoolWithContinuations (
(fun a -> res.TrySetResult (Some a) |> ignore),
(fun e -> res.TrySetException e |> ignore),
(fun _ -> res.TrySetResult None |> ignore),
return! res.Task |> Async.AwaitTask }
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