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eryn L. K. evaera

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Last active Oct 15, 2021
Cloudflare Pages deploy into subdirectories

This Github Actions workflow file lets you deploy multiple websites to Cloudflare Pages in subfolders instead of subdomains by using an intermediate repository to hold the built files.

  • Create a new repository where the files will get deployed to. That is your build repo, and you should set up your Pages from that repo.
  • Create a secret in your repo or organization called DEPLOY_PAT with the value of a GitHub personal access token of an account that has access to push to your build repo
  • Edit the values under env:
    • replace AuthorNameGoesHere with the author of the build repo
    • replace BuildRepoNameGoesHere with the name of the build repo
    • replace UsernameOfPATGoesHere with the username of the account you created the personal access token for
evaera /
Last active Oct 30, 2021
Notion Next Birthday Formula

Notion Next Birthday Formula

Given a field called Birthday (of which only the day and month are used), the Next Birthday Formula will be the date of their next birthday. It will be this year if their birthday hasn't passed yet, or next year if it is past their birthday.

Made by @lpghatguy and @evaera

The Formula

if(empty(prop("Birthday")), prop("Birthday"), dateAdd(dateAdd(dateAdd(dateAdd(fromTimestamp(0), toNumber(formatDate(prop("Birthday"), "D")) - 1, "days"), toNumber(formatDate(prop("Birthday"), "M")) - 1, "months"), toNumber(formatDate(now(), "Y")) - 1970 + if(toNumber(formatDate(now(), "M")) >= toNumber(formatDate(prop("Birthday"), "M")), if(toNumber(formatDate(now(), "D")) > toNumber(formatDate(prop("Birthday"), "D")), 1, 0), 0), "years"), 24 - toNumber(formatDate(fromTimestamp(0), "H")), "hours"))
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Last active Apr 30, 2021
Roblox Arrow Adornment

Roblox Arrows for 3D Visualizations



Quick and dirty. You probably want this for debugging, so just slap this function in wherever you want it.

Minified and full versions are included below. Pick one!

evaera / Clean
Last active Dec 1, 2021
Best Practices for Clean Code
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  1. Use descriptive and obvious names.
    • Don't use abbreviations, use full English words. player is better than plr.
    • Name things as directly as possible. wasCalled is better than hasBeenCalled. notify is better than doNotification.
    • Name booleans as if they are yes or no questions. isFirstRun is better than firstRun.
    • Name functions using verb forms: increment is better than plusOne. unzip is better than filesFromZip.
    • Name event handlers to express when they run. onClick is better than click.
    • Put statements and expressions in positive form.
      • isFlying instead of isNotFlying. late intead of notOnTime.
      • Lead with positive conditionals. Avoid if not something then ... else ... end.
      • If we only care about the inverse of a variable, turn it into a positive name. missingValue instead of not hasValue.
evaera / throttle.lua
Last active Nov 29, 2020
Roblox Lua throttle
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function throttle(func, seconds)
local lastCalled = 0
local callNumber = 0
return function(...)
callNumber = callNumber + 1
local currentCallNumber = callNumber
if tick() - lastCalled < seconds then
wait(seconds - (tick() - lastCalled))