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@evandhoffman evandhoffman/.zshrc
Last active Jan 15, 2018

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How to make home & end keys work on zsh (Linux)
# From here:
# key bindings
bindkey "\e[1~" beginning-of-line
bindkey "\e[4~" end-of-line
bindkey "\e[5~" beginning-of-history
bindkey "\e[6~" end-of-history
bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char
bindkey "\e[2~" quoted-insert
bindkey "\e[5C" forward-word
bindkey "\eOc" emacs-forward-word
bindkey "\e[5D" backward-word
bindkey "\eOd" emacs-backward-word
bindkey "\ee[C" forward-word
bindkey "\ee[D" backward-word
bindkey "^H" backward-delete-word
# for rxvt
bindkey "\e[8~" end-of-line
bindkey "\e[7~" beginning-of-line
# for non RH/Debian xterm, can't hurt for RH/DEbian xterm
bindkey "\eOH" beginning-of-line
bindkey "\eOF" end-of-line
# for freebsd console
bindkey "\e[H" beginning-of-line
bindkey "\e[F" end-of-line
# completion in the middle of a line
bindkey '^i' expand-or-complete-prefix
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