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Shipwire: Order Fulfillment Response DTD
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
Copyright (C) 2012, Shipwire Inc. All rights reserved.
Last modified: 2012-09-12
In September 2014, we launched a new RESTful API
(see documentation at
The new API replicates all the functionality of our legacy XML API
while providing a foundation for future API enhancements.
In order to focus on adding new features to the RESTful API, we are
deprecating the legacy XML API. This means that Shipwire will continue
to provide the legacy XML API for existing integrations, but new
features will not be added to it.
Developers of new integrations should use the RESTful API.
If you already have an integration with Shipwire’s legacy API,
migrating to the new API is recommended so you can take advantage of
new features as we add them (see our API Roadmap).
<!ELEMENT SubmitOrderResponse (Status, ErrorMessage?, TotalOrders?, TotalItems?, TransactionId?, OrderInformation?, ProcessingTime)>
Result of the FulfillmentServices request.
0: Request processed successfully.
Error: There was an error during processing. Please review the content
of the ErrorMessage element.
Free-form string indicating problem(s) with the request that prevented
the request from being processed.
<!ELEMENT ErrorMessage (#PCDATA)>
<!-- Total number of orders processed -->
<!ELEMENT TotalOrders (#PCDATA)>
<!-- Total number of items (SKUs) processed across all orders -->
<!ELEMENT TotalItems (#PCDATA)>
<!-- The transaction ID or "Shipwire ID" of the whole order batch -->
<!ELEMENT TransactionId (#PCDATA)>
<!-- Processed order(s) information -->
<!ELEMENT OrderInformation (Order*) >
<!ELEMENT Order (Exception?, WarningList?, Holds?, Shipping, Routing?, UnfilledItems?)>
Order attributes
number: references the Order id attribute from the fulfillment request
id: the Transaction ID or "Shipwire ID" of this order
status: "accepted" if there were no exceptions and the order is expected
to submit to the warehouse normally, or "held" if one or more
holds must first be resolved before the order can ship.
status (accepted|held) #REQUIRED
Textual description of any exceptions triggered while processing this
Exceptions are conditions which cause orders to be held, and must be
resolved before the order can ship.
Examples of exceptions include:
- Insufficient stock
- Invalid ship-to address
- No items in the order
<!ELEMENT Exception (#PCDATA)>
Warnings are less serious conditions which usually do not impede
shipment, unless you have configured orders to be held because of the
warning condition.
Examples of warnings include:
- Invalid ship-to customer e-mail address
<!ELEMENT WarningList (Warning*)>
<!ELEMENT Warning (#PCDATA)>
Holds are a more structured representation of exceptions encountered
during order processing. These correspond directly to Order Holds in
the Shipwire application.
<!ELEMENT Holds (Hold+)>
<!ELEMENT Hold (Type, Description)>
<!ELEMENT Description (#PCDATA)>
Information about from where the order will ship, and the shipping method
<!ELEMENT Shipping (Warehouse, Service, Cost)>
The warehouse selected to ship the order.
Examples: Chicago
Los Angeles
<!ELEMENT Warehouse (#PCDATA)>
The carrier and service selected for the order.
Examples: USPS Priority Mail + Delivery Confirmation
UPS Standard
Royal Mail International Signed For
<!ELEMENT Service (#PCDATA)>
<!-- The estimated shipping cost in USD -->
<!ELEMENT Routing (Origin?, Destination?)>
<!ELEMENT Origin (Latitude, Longitude)>
<!ELEMENT Destination (Latitude, Longitude)>
<!ELEMENT Latitude (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT Longitude (#PCDATA)>
For split orders, list the items that will not be filled by the first
shipping order.
<!ELEMENT UnfilledItems (Item+)>
<!ELEMENT Item (Code, Quantity)>
<!ELEMENT Quantity (#PCDATA)>
Time it took to process the request (ms)
<!ELEMENT ProcessingTime (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST ProcessingTime
queued (YES|NO) "YES"
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