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Shipwire: Tracking Request DTD
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
In September 2014, we launched a new RESTful API
(see documentation at
The new API replicates all the functionality of our legacy XML API
while providing a foundation for future API enhancements.
In order to focus on adding new features to the RESTful API, we are
deprecating the legacy XML API. This means that Shipwire will continue
to provide the legacy XML API for existing integrations, but new
features will not be added to it.
Developers of new integrations should use the RESTful API.
If you already have an integration with Shipwire’s legacy API,
migrating to the new API is recommended so you can take advantage of
new features as we add them (see our API Roadmap).
Copyright (C) 2013, Shipwire Inc. All rights reserved.
Last modified: 2013-11-12
<!ELEMENT TrackingUpdate ((EmailAddress|Username), Password?, Server,
Bookmark*, OrderNo*, ShipwireId*,
IncludeShippedOnly?, IncludeHeldOnly?, IncludeHolds?, IncludeItems?,
IncludedRelatedOrders?, ResultsLimit?, ResultsOffset?) >
Shipwire login email address, for legacy authentication [deprecated]
New integrations should authenticate with API users via <Username>
<!ELEMENT EmailAddress (#PCDATA)>
<!-- API username -->
<!ELEMENT Username (#PCDATA)>
Password for the provided API user (<Username>) or Shipwire login
Please enclose in a CDATA block if appropriate
<!ELEMENT Password (#PCDATA)>
Server to which to submit requests
Production: Query live orders
Test: Return test data
<!-- Shipwire supports three methods of tracking information look-up:
Retrieve all tracking information posted since the last tracking information
Retrieve tracking information for the given customer order number (e.g. your
shopping cart's order number)
Retrieve tracking information for the order with the given Shipwire ID (e.g.
<!-- Use the following options:
"1" All Orders: Returns tracking information for all orders in the
Shipwire account [DEPRECATED]
"2" Since last bookmark: Returns tracking information for all orders updated
since the last bookmark was set (see "3" below).
"3" Update bookmark: Returns tracking information for all orders updated
since the last bookmark was set, and then updates
the bookmark to right now.
<!ELEMENT Bookmark (#PCDATA)>
<!-- Include only the orders with the following order number -->
<!-- Include only the order with the following Shipwire ID -->
<!ELEMENT ShipwireId (#PCDATA)>
<!-- Only include orders which have shipped -->
<!ELEMENT IncludeShippedOnly EMPTY>
<!-- Only include orders which are held -->
<!ELEMENT IncludeHeldOnly EMPTY>
<!-- Include any uncleared order holds -->
<!ELEMENT IncludeHolds EMPTY>
<!-- Include order item details and related data (such as recorded serial numbers) -->
<!ELEMENT IncludeItems EMPTY>
<!-- Include key information about related orders (such as returns or replacement shipments) -->
<!ELEMENT IncludeRelatedOrders EMPTY>
<!-- Maximum number of orders to return in response -->
<!ELEMENT ResultsLimit (#PCDATA)>
<!-- Offset into result set to return in response. Must be provided in conjunction with ResultsLimit -->
<!ELEMENT ResultsOffset (#PCDATA)>
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