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Shipwire: Inventory Request DTD
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
In September 2014, we launched a new RESTful API
(see documentation at
The new API replicates all the functionality of our legacy XML API
while providing a foundation for future API enhancements.
In order to focus on adding new features to the RESTful API, we are
deprecating the legacy XML API. This means that Shipwire will continue
to provide the legacy XML API for existing integrations, but new
features will not be added to it.
Developers of new integrations should use the RESTful API.
If you already have an integration with Shipwire’s legacy API,
migrating to the new API is recommended so you can take advantage of
new features as we add them (see our API Roadmap).
Copyright (C) 2014, Shipwire Inc. All rights reserved.
Last modified: 2014-03-17
<!ELEMENT InventoryUpdate ((EmailAddress|Username), Password?, Server, Warehouse?, WarehouseContinents?, WarehouseCountry?, ProductCode*, IncludeEmpty?) >
Shipwire login email address, for legacy authentication [deprecated]
New integrations should authenticate with API users via <Username>
<!ELEMENT EmailAddress (#PCDATA)>
<!-- API username -->
<!ELEMENT Username (#PCDATA)>
Password for the provided API user (<Username>) or Shipwire login (<EmailAddress>)
Please enclose in a CDATA block if appropriate
<!ELEMENT Password (#PCDATA)>
Server to which to submit requests
Production: Query live orders
Test: Return test data
Warehouse for which to retrieve inventory
CHI: Chicago
LAX: Los Angeles
PHL: Philadelphia
VAN: Vancouver
TOR: Toronto
UK: United Kingdom
HKG: Hong Kong
<!ELEMENT Warehouse (#PCDATA)>
Continents to which to restrict inventory query
<!ELEMENT WarehouseContinents (Continent+)>
Valid continents are:
<!ELEMENT Continent (#PCDATA)>
Warehouse country from which to retrieve inventory
This is appropriate e.g. for users with inventory in multiple US warehouses
Please use ISO-3166-2 codes e.g.
US: United States
CA: Canada
GB: United Kingdom
<!ELEMENT WarehouseCountry (#PCDATA)>
If present, will retrieve inventory for a specific SKU. If left empty, all products that have ever carried inventory will be displayed.
Multiple <ProductCode> elements may be provided.
<!ELEMENT ProductCode (#PCDATA)>
<!-- If flag is present, all products will be returned, even those which have never had inventory. -->
<!ELEMENT IncludeEmpty EMPTY>
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