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Last active November 4, 2015 07:14
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Rewriting history with predicates (Reactive 2015 lightning talk proposal)

This is a proposal for a lightning talk I would give at the Reactive 2015 conference.

NOTE: If you like it, put a star on it—the number of stars decides if it makes the cut!

Rewriting history with predicates

Redux provides a simple pattern for managing application state. As demonstrated in Dan Abramov's talk following this pattern lets you painlessly implement simple undo and time travel. By keeping a history of actions, and reducing a subset of those actions, you can travel to any point in the apps history.

I will demonstrate how you can easily rewrite this history with a set of reducing predicates. In five minutes I'll show how quickly complex undos can be written. I demo this in a Todo app with time travelling scrubbers that allow new actions in the past that do not overwrite those in the future. I will demo a drawing app with layers and implement erase using only predicates in that time.

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