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Forked from jcroft/grid.sass
Created Mar 21, 2011
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// REQUIRED VARS. Defaults to a 950px wide, 24-column grid that has 30px wide units and 10px wide
// gutters. If you do the fluid grid, then this 950/24/30/10px size will become the maximum size.
$grid_type: fixed !default
$grid_columns: 24 !default
$grid_column_width: 30 !default
$grid_gutter_width: 10 !default
// GENERATED VARS. You can ignore these.
$grid_full_width: $grid_columns * $grid_column_width + $grid_columns * $grid_gutter_width - $grid_gutter_width
$grid_column_width_percent: ($grid_column_width / $grid_full_width * 100) * 1%
$grid_gutter_width_percent: ($grid_gutter_width / $grid_full_width * 100) * 1%
// CONTAINER MIXIN. A container is an element that holds grid based elements. All grid layouts should
// be wrapped with a container. In fixed grids, the width of containers is the total of your columns and
// gutters. In fluid grids, that's the max-width. You can stack containers vertically down the page all
// you like. For example, you may have a container for your header, one for content, and one for your
// footer. To specify a container, either use this mixin in your SASS (+container) or apply the CSS
// class "container" via HTML (class=container).
=container($type: none, $box_padding_multiplier: 1)
@if $grid_type == "fixed"
width: #{($grid_column_width + $grid_gutter_width) * $grid_columns - $grid_gutter_width}px
@if $type == "box"
padding-left: #{$grid_gutter_width * $box_padding_multiplier}px
padding-right: #{$grid_gutter_width * $box_padding_multiplier}px
@if $grid_type == "fluid"
max-width: #{$grid_full_width / $base_font_size_unitless}em
padding: 0 #{$box_padding_multiplier}em
margin: 0 auto
@if $grid_type == "fluid"
$span_width_percent: ($grid_column_width_percent * $n + ($grid_gutter_width_percent * ($n - 1)))
width: #{$span_width_percent}
width: #{$grid_column_width * $n + $grid_gutter_width * ($n - 1)}px
@if $n == $grid_columns
margin: 0
// COLUMN MIXIN. Column CSS classes are also generated. You can make an element span a specific
// number of columns either by using this mixin in your SASS for that element (such as +column(4)),
// or by speficing the CSS class in your HTML (such as class=column-4).
float: left
@if $grid_type == "fluid"
margin-right: #{$grid_gutter_width_percent}
margin-right: #{$grid_gutter_width}px
@if $n == $grid_columns
margin: 0
// BOX MIXIN. A "box" is a column that has inner padding the width of the gutters. It's useful when
// you intend to have a background color or other screen on the element, such that content butting up
// aganist the interior edges of the element would be undesirable. Use it just like the column mixin
// (+box(4) or class=box-4).
float: left
@if $grid_type == "fluid"
$box_width_percent: ($grid_column_width_percent * $n + ($grid_gutter_width_percent * ($n - 1)) - ($grid_gutter_width_percent * 2))
width: #{$box_width_percent}
padding: #{$grid_gutter_width_percent}
margin-right: #{$grid_gutter_width_percent}
width: #{$grid_column_width * $n + $grid_gutter_width * ($n - 1) - $grid_gutter_width * 2}px
padding: #{$grid_gutter_width}px
margin-right: #{$grid_gutter_width}px
@if $n == $grid_columns
margin: 0
// These mixins append or prepend the specificed number of blank columns to an element, using padding.
// Note that because they use padding, they are not compatible with boxes. I need to make a margin-based
// version for boxes, but haven't gotten there, yet. Use them as with the other mixins (+append(2) or
// class=prepend-2).
@if $grid_type == "fluid"
padding-right: #{$grid_column_width_percent * $n + $grid_gutter_width_percent * $n} !important
padding-right: #{$grid_column_width * $n + $grid_gutter_width * $n}px !important
@if $grid_type == "fluid"
padding-left: #{$grid_column_width_percent * $n + $grid_gutter_width_percent * $n} !important
padding-left: #{$grid_column_width * $n + $grid_gutter_width * $n}px !important
// These mixins push or pull an element out of the flow by the specified number of columns. Use as with
// the other mixins (+push(4) or class=pull-4).
float: left
margin-bottom: $base_line_height
@if $grid_type == "fluid"
margin-left: -#{$grid_column_width_percent * $n + $grid_gutter_width_percent * $n}% !important
margin-left: -#{$grid_column_width * $n + $grid_gutter_width * $n}px !important
float: right
margin-bottom: $base_line_height
@if $grid_type == "fluid"
margin-right: -#{$grid_column_width_percent * $n + $grid_gutter_width_percent * $n}% !important
margin-right: -#{$grid_column_width * $n + $grid_gutter_width * $n}px !important
margin-right: 0 !important
// Generate the CSS classes.
@for $n from 1 to $grid_columns + 1
@for $n from 1 to $grid_columns + 1
@for $n from 1 to $grid_columns + 1
@for $n from 1 to $grid_columns
@for $n from 1 to $grid_columns
@for $n from 1 to $grid_columns / 2 + 1
@for $n from 1 to $grid_columns / 2 + 1
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