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H4M video script
• What does the app do?
• How to start a timer?
• How to stop a timer?
• How does idle time work?
• How does summary bar/time summary work?
• How to change preferences?
• Where do I get it?
Hello! This is Harvest for Mac, the lightning-fast time tracking app.
With just a few clicks, you’re tracking time to your Harvest account. If you want to add some more
information (or maybe you made a mistake), double clicking on any timer opens up the edit form and
it’s really easy to make any changes you need.
If you want to start a timer even faster, just use the keyboard shortcut (by default, it’s
Command-Option-N) to bring up the new timer form. Also, the project and task fields have search
functionality built-in, so there’s no need to scan through the whole list.
Once you’re done with your task, just click on the Stop icon on your timer. You can also start and
stop from the Menu Bar, which will also display your most recent timer’s duration.
Clicking on the menu bar item will show or hide the app. If you’d rather the app be detached from
the menu bar: just pull it right off! And if you’d like to put it back: no problem!
At the top of the app, there’s a per-day summary of your hours and it’s simple to jump from one day
to the other. If you ever want to get back to today, just click on the calendar icon.
Also, there’s a summary of yesterday, today, this week, and this month just one click away from
your timesheet.
If you’d like to switch to another Harvest account or change your Harvest for Mac preferences,
all of that is behind the Gear icon in the bottom right. There are also a few other goodies
in there that you can check out.
If you’d like to learn more about Harvest for Mac and get it for yourself, go to
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