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Number of unique people tweeting about F# per day over 2013 and 2014
#r @"packages/FSharp.Data.2.0.14/lib/net40/FSharp.Data.dll"
#load @"packages/Deedle.1.0.6/Deedle.fsx"
#load @"packages/FSharp.Charting.0.90.9/FSharp.Charting.fsx"
open FSharp.Data
open Deedle
open FSharp.Charting
type Tweets = CsvProvider<"fsharp_2013-2014.csv">
let tweets' = Tweets.Load("fsharp_2013-2014.csv")
// Get a list of people that tweeted each day
let tweetersByDate =
|> (fun tweet -> tweet.CreatedDate, tweet.FromUserScreenName)
|> Seq.groupBy (fun (date, author) ->
System.DateTime(date.Year, date.Month, date.Day))
|> Seq.sortBy fst
|> (fun (dt, ts) ->
let tweeters = ts |> (fun (d, author) -> author)
dt, tweeters)
// Count number of unique people that tweeted each day
let countsByDay =
|> (fun (dt, tweeters) -> dt, tweeters |> set |> Set.count |> float)
|> Series.ofObservations
// Moving average for a smoothed estimate
let movingAverage k = Stats.movingMean k countsByDay
// Plots
[ Chart.Point(countsByDay |> Series.observations);
Chart.Line(movingAverage 30 |> Series.observations) |> Chart.WithStyling(BorderWidth=5)]
|> Chart.Combine
|> Chart.WithYAxis(Title="Number of people tweeting about F# per day")
// How did the average number of people tweeting about F# change between years?
let avgByYear =
|> Series.groupBy (fun key _ -> key.Year)
|> (fun year xs -> Stats.mean xs)
printfn "%A" avgByYear
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