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I've been using Maven for Android projects quite extensively from command line lately and I found that a colour output is really helpful.I'm using iTerm2 on MacOs Mavericks (10.9). I've found a couple of bash scripts to colorise Maven output but none was quite enough for me :PThe two best I found are and
The blog post explainig how to use this:
source $HOME/
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Notes
# In MacOS, + does not work for regex, nor -E flag.
# Instead I used \{1,\} for char repetition.
# Formatting constants
bold=`tput bold`
red=`tput setaf 1`
bg_red=`tput setab 1`
green=`tput setaf 2`
yellow=`tput setaf 3`
blue=`tput setaf 4`
magenta=`tput setaf 5`
cyan=`tput setaf 6`
grey=`tput setaf 7`
white=`tput sgr0`
end=`tput sgr0`
# Wrapper function for Maven's mvn command.
# Filter mvn output using sed
mvn $@ | sed -e "s/\(\[INFO\]\) Building \(.*\)/${info}\1${end} ${projname}Building \2${end}/g" \
-e "s/\(\[INFO\]\) \(\-\{1,\}\) \(.*\) \(\-\{1,\}\)/${info}\1${end} ${plugdash}\2${end} ${plugname}\3${end} ${plugdash}\4${end}/g" \
-e "s/\(\[INFO\]\) \(\-*\)/${info}\1${end} ${projdash}\2${end}/g" \
-e "s/\(\[DEBUG\].*\)/${debug}\1${end}/g" \
-e "s/\(\[WARNING\].*\)/${warn}\1${end}/g" \
-e "s/\(\[ERROR\].*\)/${error}\1${end}/g" \
-e "s/SUCCESS \(\[[0-9]*.[0-9]*s\]\)/${success}SUCCESS \1${end}/g" \
-e "s/FAILURE \(\[[0-9]*.[0-9]*s\]\)/${error}FAILURE \1${end}/g" \
-e "s/SKIPPED/${skipped}SKIPPED${end}/g" \
-e "s/BUILD FAILURE/${error}BUILD FAILURE${end}/g" \
-e "s/BUILD SUCCESS/${success}BUILD SUCCESS${end}/g" \
-e "s/\(<<< FAILURE!\)/${error}\1${end}/g" \
-e "s/\(<<< ERROR!\)/${error}\1${end}/g" \
-e "s/Caused by: \(.*\)/${white}${bg_red}Caused by: \1${end}/g" \
-e "s/Tests run: \([0-9]*\), Failures: \([0-9]*\), Errors: \([0-9]*\), Skipped: \([0-9]*\)/${success}Tests run: \1 ${end}, ${warn}Failures: \2 ${end}, ${error}Errors: \3 ${end}, ${skipped}Skipped: \4 ${end}/g"
# Make sure formatting is reset
echo -ne ${end}
# Override the mvn command with the colorized one.
alias mvn="mvn-color"
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This looks very useful :)
But for the life of me I cannot get it to work. I need to run my maven using cygwin unfortunately so I don't know if that is an issue.

Could you explain to me how I use your script? (It's Friday and my brain already thinks its the weekend)

Many thanks,

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