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Tufte's boxplot
tufte.boxplot <- function(x, g) {
k <- nlevels(g)
crit.val <- tapply(x, g, median)
plot(1:k, crit.val, ylim=c(min(x)*1.1, max(x)*1.1), pch=19,
xlab=deparse(substitute(g)), ylab=deparse(substitute(x)))
for (i in 1:k) {
tmp <- boxplot.stats(x[as.numeric(g)==i])
segments(i, tmp$stats[1], i, tmp$stats[2])
segments(i, tmp$stats[4], i, tmp$stats[5])
points(rep(i, length(tmp$out)), tmp$out, cex=.8)
dd <- data.frame(x=rnorm(50*100), g=gl(50,100))
with(dd, tufte.boxplot(x, g))

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@even4void even4void commented Aug 5, 2011

Credits: W. Huber on CrossValidated.

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