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Created October 23, 2010 13:44
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itan <- function(x, keys=NULL, digits=3, no.resp=4) {
# x is an n subjects by k items matrix
# keys is a vector with the correct keys (A, B, C, D)
if (is.null(keys)) keys <- rep("A", ncol(x))
raw.resp <- matrix(nr=ncol(x), nc=no.resp)
colnames(raw.resp) <- LETTERS[1:no.resp]
for (i in 1:ncol(x)) {
tmp <- table(x[,i])
raw.resp[i,names(tmp)] <- tmp
freq.resp <- raw.resp/apply(raw.resp, 1, sum, na.rm=T)
na.resp <- apply(x, 2, function(x) sum(
correct.resp <- t(apply(x, 1, function(x) x==keys))
total.score <- apply(correct.resp, 1, sum, na.rm=T)
pbis <- apply(correct.resp, 2,
function(x) biserial.cor(total.score, as.numeric(x),
nb.correct <- apply(correct.resp, 2, sum, na.rm=T)
p.obs <- nb.correct/nrow(x)
MC <- MI <- numeric(ncol(x))
for (i in 1:ncol(x))
MC[i] <- mean(total.score[correct.resp[,i]], na.rm=T)
for (i in 1:ncol(x))
MI[i] <- mean(total.score[!correct.resp[,i]], na.rm=T)
out <- cbind(P=p.obs,R=round(pbis, digits),
MC=round(MC, digits),MI=round(MI, digits),
dat <- replicate(10, sample(LETTERS[1:4], 100, rep=TRUE))
dat[3,2] <- dat[67,5] <- NA
itan(dat, keys=sample(LETTERS[1:4],10,rep=T))
# check for imbalanced case (i.e. add one item with missing response category)
dat <- cbind(dat, sample(LETTERS[1:3], 100, rep=TRUE))
# should work with dichotomous items too (but not the mixed case!)
dat <- replicate(5, sample(LETTERS[1:2], 100, rep=TRUE))
itan(dat, no.resp=2)
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A sample script that return basic summary statistics for a Table of items responses.


2010-10-31: fix error when items do not have the same No. response categories
2010-10-23: initial commit

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