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evenprimes / badshell.scad
Created Oct 19, 2021
Example of the issue in using scale() to make shells
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/* ********************************************************
blower - a hairdryer attachment to make it easier to direct
air for flow painting
The issue with this design is the scaling impacts the thickness of the
walls leaving them far too thin.
******************************************************** */
evenprimes /
Created Oct 26, 2018
Pythonista yoga/stretching routine display
''' -- yoga/excercise timer
A simple routine timer for yogis and such people that use a
series of timers. The layout works in both portrait and landscape
modes. I've tested the code on iPad and iPhone 8 Plus. The
layouts work for me on those devices, your milage may vary. ;)
The default included pose list is what i normally do. You can
also feed the list in on the command line (such as might happen
if you feed the contents of a text block or file from the iOS
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" Modern search.
set incsearch
" Ignore case while searching.
set ignorecase
" Highlight as we go.
set hlsearch