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kubeflow meetup #1 - Kubeflow Operators
# please setup your kubernetes cluster and kubectl with admin permission (for deploying crd and operator)
# confirm ks version (0.11.0 or later)
$ ks version
# create kss app directory
$ ks init kflowmeetup
$ cd kflowmeetup
# add kubeflow ksonnet registry
$ ks registry add kubeflow
# list packages and install chainer-job
$ ks pkg list
$ ks pkg install kubeflow/chainer-job
$ ks prototype list
# deploy chainer-operator
$ ks generate chainer-operator chainer-operator
$ ks component list
$ ks show default -c chainer-operator | less
$ ks apply default -c chainer-operator
# check what are created
$ kubectl get all
$ stern chainer-operator
$ kubectl get crd
# create distributed chainer-job
# NOTE: create chainer-job in the same app with operator component.
# In real situation, it should be in different ks application.
$ ks generate chainer-job chainer-job
$ ks component list
# make it run in three nodes without gpu(for demo)
# if complex yaml generation is needed, please edit yaml directly manually.
$ ks param list chainer-job
$ ks param set chainer-job workers 2
$ ks param set chainer-job gpus 0
$ ks param list chainer-job
# render yaml
$ ks show default -c chainer-job | less
# prepare what's going on k8s clusters
$ watch -n 1 kubectl get all
# run three nodes chainer job in another terminal
$ ks apply default -c chainer-job
$ kubectl get chainerjob
$ stern chainer-job-master
$ kubectl get chainerjob -o yaml
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