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genesis balance formats

1. exporting fresh genesis.json for mainnet and ropsten with balances in hex

This PR adds dumpgenesis capability to geth:

git clone etc-geth
cd etc-geth
git checkout etclabscore:feat/cmd-dumpgenesis
make geth

./build/geth dumpgenesis > genesis-mainnet.json
./build/geth --testnet dumpgenesis > genesis-ropsten.json

2. Transforming genesis that came from geth

I'm using jq, a sed-like text manipulation for JSON.

  • Transform {… alloc:{address: {balance: 123}, …} to {address: 123}
  • Prepend 0x to address
  • geth dumpgenesis already comes with hex balances, so no balance transformation needed
cat genesis-mainnet.json | jq '.alloc | to_entries[] | { ("0x"+.key): .value.balance }' | jq -s add > mainnet.json

3. grabbing genesis from kovan, transforming it to our desired format


Transforms it to our genesis format, removing null entries

cat kovan.json | jq '.accounts | to_entries[] | {(.key): .value.balance}' | jq -s add | grep -v "null" > genesis-kovan.json

Manually converting the only decimal value to hex

echo "obase=16; 1606938044258990275541962092341162602522202993782792835301376" | bc

4. testing

  1. run npm run dist (ethereumjs-common)
  2. link/import this branch to ethereumjs-vm/node_modules/ethereumjs-common
  3. from ethereumjs-vm dir, run npm run build:dist && tape './tests/api/state/stateManager.js'

This test ensures genesis block hash matches state root for each chain.

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