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# from 1.1.1 production to 2.0.0 development
npm remove @ethereumjs/config-nyc @ethereumjs/config-tsc @ethereumjs/config-prettier @ethereumjs/config-tslint
npm i --save-dev \
@ethereumjs/config-coverage@file:$ETHEREUMJS_CONFIG_PATH/packages/coverage \
@ethereumjs/config-typescript@file:$ETHEREUMJS_CONFIG_PATH/packages/typescript \
@ethereumjs/config-format@file:$ETHEREUMJS_CONFIG_PATH/packages/format \
# This script helps migrating ethereumjs-config from 1.1.1 to 2.0.0
# 1. Some packages had their names changed, so we'll uninstall and install the new ones.
npm remove @ethereumjs/config-nyc @ethereumjs/config-tsc @ethereumjs/config-prettier @ethereumjs/config-tslint
npm i --save-dev @ethereumjs/config-coverage \
@ethereumjs/config-typescript \
@ethereumjs/config-format \
@ethereumjs/eslint-config-helper \
# 2. Some scripts had changed name
# ethereumjs-config-tsc -> ethereumjs-config-ts-compile
sed -E -e 's/ethereumjs\-config\-tsc/ethereumjs-config-ts-compile/' -ibak package.json
# ethereumjs-config-build -> ethereumjs-config-ts-build
sed -E -e 's/ethereumjs\-config\-build/ethereumjs-config-ts-build/' -ibak package.json
# 3. Some scripts are just gone
echo "Checking for deprecated scripts. Please remove the pointed scripts below (if any)."
# ethereumjs-config-coveralls -> ☠️
grep -EHn "ethereumjs-config-coveralls" package.json
# ethereumjs-config-lint -> ☠️
# ethereumjs-config-lint-fix -> ☠️
grep -EHn "ethereumjs-config-lint(-fix)?" package.json
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