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@everzet everzet/gherkin_usage.php

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Usage of Behat\Gherkin 2.3
$keywords = new Behat\Gherkin\Keywords\CachedArrayKeywords('/path/to/gherkin_lib/i18n.php');
$lexer = new Behat\Gherkin\Lexer($keywords);
$parser = new Behat\Gherkin\Parser($lexer);
$gherkin = new Behat\Gherkin();
$gherkin->addLoader(new Behat\Gherkin\Loader\DirectoryLoader($gherkin));
$gherkin->addLoader(new Behat\Gherkin\Loader\GherkinFileLoader($parser));
$gherkin->setBasePath(__DIR__ . '/features');
* @var FeatureNode[]
* @see
$features = $gherkin->load('/absolute/path/to/your.feature'); // feature at absolute path
$features = $gherkin->load('relative/path/to/your.feature'); // feature at relative path (relative to base path)
$features = $gherkin->load('relative/path/to/your.feature:25'); // feature with all scenarios removed except one starting at line 25
$features = $gherkin->load('some/feature/directory'); // all features in provided directory

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naxhh commented Apr 8, 2014

Idk if is my set-up but this: $gherkin = new Behat\Gherkin(); for me is:

$gherkin = new Behat\Gherkin\Gherkin();

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