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Evgenii Abduzhapparov evgenius

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* pointers.js *
* You! How are you still alive?
* Well, no matter. Good luck getting through this
* maze of rooms - you'll never see me or the Algorithm again!
View untrusted-lvl13-solution.js
* robotMaze.js
* The blue key is inside a labyrinth, and extracting
* it will not be easy.
* It's a good thing that you're a AI expert, or
* we would have to leave empty-handed.
# Watch current directory (recursively) for file changes, and execute
# a command when a file or directory is created, modified or deleted.
# Written by: Senko Rasic <>
# Requires Linux, bash and inotifywait (from inotify-tools package).
# To avoid executing the command multiple times when a sequence of