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F. Gabriel Gosselin evidens

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Last active Aug 29, 2015
Tips for using GMail more effectively

I'm always surprised by how few people really learn to master GMail especially as more businesses use it and grumble because it's not Outlook. I find I'm more productive in Gmail than most of the well-known desktop email, but there are a few things to learn.


In other email programmes, they're folders, but GMail uses labels. The same message can have multiple labels so you can boost your chances of finding things later. When you 'Move to…' you're really labelling and archiving.

When you've got the kind of job where you will have to refer back to emails, taking the time to set up a few sane labels can make a huge difference when you're searching later on.


Gmail already does a pretty good job of showing you the result you want with a plain search. But when you're looking for that one email among hundreds, narrowing it down can save your bacon.

evidens / user-bootstrap-circle-popover.js
Created May 25, 2012
Quick override of Bootstrap popover to support SVG circles (which don't have a valid offsetWidth/offsetHeight in Safari 5.1.7 OS X)
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/* ===========================================================
* Minimal extension to bootstrap-popover.js v2.0.0
* ===========================================================
* I claim nothing, just hope this helps someone else.
!function( $ ) {
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//Conditionally load jQuery
//inspired by
window.onload = function () {
if (typeof jQuery == 'undefined') {
var jQ = document.createElement('script');
jQ.type = 'text/javascript';
jQ.onload = jQ.onreadystatechange = myOnLoadEvent;
jQ.src = ( "https:" == location.protocol ? "https://" : "http://" ) + '';
evidens / vim.rb
Created Apr 16, 2012
Vim formula for Homebrew
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require 'formula'
class VimHg < Formula
homepage ''
url '', :revision => '2cfb68fa26cd'
version '7.3.487'
def features; %w(tiny small normal big huge) end
def interp; %w(lua mzscheme perl python python3 tcl ruby) end