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Walkthrough for the infernal.buisness challenge

Infernal.Buisness Writeup

Link: Infernal.Buisness by Hack For Satan

  • Details: Web Challenge
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It all started with me forgetting that I had tweet notifications for Hack For Satan after trying to get their Defcon Badge, they tweeted the following

Happy Halloween. We have both a trick and a treat for you evil little shits. Which first though? 

The page had a picture from the last scene of The Seventh Seal (1957), and the word "Danse". If you viewed the source, there was a comment.

<!-- 1rb3nr/1pq1k1pp/1pn1pp1p/2PPP3/2P1PPP1/1RN1PB1N/1BQ2K1R/8 -->

This is a form of notation used for Chess called Forsyth–Edwards Notation, which gave you a chess board looking like so

|6|_|P|K|_|P|P|_|P|Black Above
|5|_|_|P|P|P|_|_|_|White Below
| |A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|


From this board, I thought of some moves that would win the game, but I tweeted it to them, and they responded with somthing peculiar.

Don't fuck up my board.

Others were getting similar responses, but I then considered it while at my pizza place on campus, and thought about it, could it be a bitmap or somthing, and then I realised, why would all the pieces avoid Row 1 and Column A. Like a truck, it hit me, Binary. I ran upstairs and found my work area was being used for a recording, so I jumped into a lab and hijacked a whiteboard, and wrote it out, I have converted it to readable text, check my twitter for my insane version. I considered all pieces to be a binary 1, and blank spots to be binary 0.

0|01100011|--->| c | 63
1|01101011|--->| k | 6b
2|01101101|--->| m | 6d
3|00011100|--->| 8 | 1c
4|00101110|--->| . | 2e
5|01101101|--->| m | 6d
6|01100101|--->| e | 65
7|00000000|--->| NULL

Final String:

I chucked it into the URI for infernal.buisness and as a new URL, and it loaded exactly what I deserved, a rickroll. I DM'ed them on twitter, and was one of the first few people to get it, was an interesting challenge, but if I didnt have to use a whiteboard for my conversion, I could have done it faster and probs have been first, so thanks for that Taylor.

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