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Mobile Safari form label to input focusing
// For use in jQuery
// Some mobile browsers (ie. Mobile Safari) don't focus their associated inputs
// so we force that behavior when possible.
// First we check when a label is touched and is associated with a radio or checkbox input,
// if so then we mark it as having focus.
.live('touchstart', function(event) {
var input = ? $( : $('#' +;
if ('[type=checkbox], [type=radio]'))
// Should the user move via touch on the label instead of pressing on the label we blur the
// focus on the input if it's a radio or checkbox. This is to avoid misinterpreting a scroll
// for a press.
.live('touchmove', function(event) {
var input = ? $( : $('#' +;
if ('[type=checkbox], [type=radio]'))
// If the press is finished and we still have focus on the radio or checkbox inputs then
// trigger a click event which will do the rest. Focus all other input types.
.live('touchend', function(event) {
var input = ? $( : $('#' +;
if ('[type=checkbox], [type=radio]'))
if (':focus'));
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