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Attach alerts for every video event available.
var video_events = {
'abort' : 'abort : The loading of an audio/video is aborted',
'canplay' : 'canplay : The browser can start playing the audio/video',
'canplaythrough' : 'canplaythrough : The browser can play through the audio/video without stopping for buffering',
'durationchange' : 'durationchange : The duration of the audio/video is changed',
'emptied' : 'emptied : The current playlist is empty',
'ended' : 'ended : The current playlist is ended',
'error' : 'error : An error occurred during the loading of an audio/video',
'loadeddata' : 'loadeddata : The browser has loaded the current frame of the audio/video',
'loadedmetadata' : 'loadedmetadata : The browser has loaded meta data for the audio/video',
'loadstart' : 'loadstart : The browser starts looking for the audio/video',
'pause' : 'pause : The audio/video has been paused',
'play' : 'play : The audio/video has been started or is no longer paused',
'playing' : 'playing : The audio/video is playing after having been paused or stopped for buffering',
'progress' : 'progress : The browser is downloading the audio/video',
'ratechange' : 'ratechange : The playing speed of the audio/video is changed',
'seeked' : 'seeked : The user is finished moving/skipping to a new position in the audio/video',
'seeking' : 'seeking : The user starts moving/skipping to a new position in the audio/video',
'stalled' : 'stalled : The browser is trying to get media data, but data is not available',
'suspend' : 'suspend : The browser is intentionally not getting media data',
'timeupdate' : 'timeupdate : The current playback position has changed',
'volumechange' : 'volumechange : The volume has been changed',
'waiting' : 'waiting : The video stops because it needs to buffer the next frame'
var listeners = {};
var v = document.getElementsByTagName('video')[0];
v.removeEventListener(key, listeners[key]);
// Add all listeners
listeners[key] = function () { console.log(video_events[key]); };
v.addEventListener(key, listeners[key]);
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