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/* ************************************************************************
* *** Super Graphing Data Logger - EEPROM config ***
* ************************************************************************
* Everett Robinson, December 2016.
* The following extra non standard libraries were used, and will need to be
* added to the libraries folder:
* - EEPROMAnything:
* This sketch helps you set the values in EEPROM which are necessary for
* Super Graphing Data Logger. It should only need the be run once before
* the first time you set up SGDL, or in the unlikely event that the EEPROM
* becomes corrupted.
* Please ensure that the values in configuration config are appropriate for
* your project before uncommenting the EEPROM_writeAnything(0, config); line.
#include <EEPROM.h>
#include <EEPROMAnything.h>
typedef struct{
unsigned long newFileTime;
char workingFilename[19];
} configuration;
//This is a one off thing, so everything is in setup
void setup(){
//Create the config struct to write to EEPROM, change values as appropriate
//Make sure your filename is not too long for the workingFilename char array
configuration config = {1356912000L,"/data/25-12-12.csv"};
//Write the values to the EEPROM
//EEPROM_writeAnything(0, config); //Uncomment when you're sure everything is correct
configuration config2; //Create a second config struct for verification
Serial.print("The value read from EEPROM for newFileTime is: ");
Serial.print("The value read from EEPROM for workingFilename is: ");
Serial.println("If those values are correct then everything went as planned. Otherwise,");
Serial.println("please double check that the values declared for the struct config are");
Serial.println("correct and that that EEPROM_writeAnything line is uncommented.");
void loop(){
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