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Everest Liu evliu

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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am evliu on github.
  • I am evliu ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDME-kwq9jVqyAeLPZzGd9xYaU4E4kiekOfjYZu23xksQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

evliu / medicationOrdersFHIR.json
Last active Apr 30, 2016
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"resourceType": "MedicationOrder",
"identifier": [
"value": "SomeMedicaitonOrderUniqueIdentifier"
"dateWritten": "2016-01-15",
"status": "active",
evliu / collections.js
Created Oct 10, 2014
reaction-core collections.js
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var AddressSchema, Cart, CartItemSchema, Customers, MetafieldSchema, Orders, PackageConfigSchema, ProductVariantSchema, Products, ShopMemberSchema, Shops, Tags, VariantMediaSchema;
share.ReactionPalette = this.ReactionPalette = new Meteor.Collection(null);
share.Product = this.Product = new Meteor.Collection("Product");
share.Variant = this.Variant = new Meteor.Collection("Variant");
ReactionCore.Collections.ConfigData = new Meteor.Collection("ConfigData");
ReactionCore.Collections.Translations = new Meteor.Collection("Translations");

Save books out of Safari Books Online


This is hard. I spent way too much time figuring this out, because I was annoyed that a book I bought (Addison-Wesley) was available online for free, except only for 45 days after which payment was required. So I made this hack... probably useful to no one else, but here it is.


  1. iPad.
  2. Safari To Go (the Safari Books Online iPad app).
View eric + melanie's not so secret bday lunch
[8/15/13 4:15:33 PM] Sharon Choi: Sharon Choi added Kenji Heigel to this conversation
[8/15/13 4:15:35 PM] Sharon Choi: Sharon Choi added Brian Wulbern to this conversation
[8/15/13 4:15:39 PM] Sharon Choi: Sharon Choi added Suzanna to this conversation
[8/15/13 4:15:46 PM] Sharon Choi: Sharon Choi added Everest Liu to this conversation
[8/15/13 4:15:50 PM] Sharon Choi: Sharon Choi added Marc Lundgren to this conversation
[8/15/13 4:15:55 PM] Sharon Choi: Sharon Choi added Jeffrey Yang to this conversation
[8/15/13 4:17:54 PM] Sharon Choi: didn't want to invite the whole peanut gallery bc too many cooks
[8/15/13 4:18:00 PM] Sharon Choi: spoil the pot or whatever
[8/15/13 4:18:04 PM] Sharon Choi: but anyways
[8/15/13 4:18:17 PM] Sharon Choi: next week is melanie's and eric's bday on the 22nd
evliu / auiScrollInfo.html
Created Feb 28, 2013
AUI ScrollInfo snippet
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var body ='body');
body.scrollInfo.on('scrollToBottom', function (event){
//Load more content when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page
evliu / gist:5058264
Created Feb 28, 2013
AUI PJAX snippet
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AUI().use('pjax', function (A) {
new A.Pjax({container: '#content'});
<div id="content"></div>
<a href="someLink" class="yui3-pjax">
Some Link that loads into #content
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