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JavaScript Calculator

JavaScript Calculator built with Materialize.css. It allows running basic math calculations. The logic of calculation order is implemented.

A Pen by Ewa the doer on CodePen.


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Twitch Viewer

This is a Twitch Viewer app designed and coded during FCC course. To store user's choices I implemented local storage. To delete the users or games simply refresh your local storage.

A user can look for a favorite game and who's playing it now (first 25 most viewed players get displayed). Users can add Twitch players to the list and follow them. If the observed players are streaming, a user can see what they are streaming. A user can click the status of a live streaming player and be sent directly to the player's channel. NOTE: A user has to be logged in on Twitch to watch the streams after getting redirected to Twitch.

Search games uses Bootstrap Typeahead. It is activated after introducing the 3rd character and help users to find the game faster.

In the footer there are additional suggestions for a user and FCC Twitch channel always visible.

View Wikipedia Viewer.markdown

Wikipedia Viewer

The pen uses Wiki API. A user can read a random article, search for a term, and see whole articles by clicking/tapping each title.
The app is designed according to Free Code Camp Wiki Viewer task specification.

A Pen by Ewa the doer on CodePen.


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Weather App

Weather app showing current weather. A user can change units of temperature. The background in top section changes depending on weather, the same happens to the weather icons.

A Pen by Ewa the doer on CodePen.


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Tribute Page FCC course

This is a page built during free Code Camp course. It is to give a tribute to a person you admire.

A Pen by Ewa the doer on CodePen.